The Adobe Reader Mobile SDK (RMSDK) is Adobe’s toolkit for rendering EPUB and PDF content for eReading apps and devices. It powers dedicated eReaders including Barnes & Noble nook, Kobo, Bookeen, the free DL Reader app, as well as hundreds of custom eReading apps on iOS and Android. Custom eReaders built using RMSDK are fully compatible with the Datalogics eSync Platform.

Adobe Reader Mobile SDK is delivered as a C/C++ software development kit which application developers use to create and build custom eBook viewers. It supports a broad array of reading functionality:

  • right-to-left and mixed-direction reading
  • user interface supports 15 languages
  • controls for reading options including changing fonts, font sizes, colors, margins
  • advanced functionality including highlights, full-text search, bookmarks
  • compatibility with content protected using Adobe Content Server
  • compatibility with the Datalogics eSync Platform
  • starter source code for DL Reader
  • controls for managing content in and fulfilling content from the Datalogics eSync platform

The Datalogics eSync Platform

As a component of the Datalogics eSync Platform, it supports the ability to synchronize users’ content and reading experience across all their devices, and is compatible with all the other components of the Platform.

DL Reader sample code included

As part of our Adobe Reader Mobile SDK distribution, we also include source code for our fully-functional DL Reader eReader app. This codebase can be used as the starting point for your custom app development. Many customers have done this, and have gotten their viewers to market in weeks instead of months.

We continue to enhance our DL Reader app; all RMSDK licensees will receive updates to the DL Reader source code as they become available.

Discover what RMSDK can do for you

RMSDK supports high-quality rendering of the EPUB file format, a structured, accessible XML-based format designed to reflow text according to screen and font size. EPUB is the official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF), a trade and standards organization dedicated to the development and promotion of electronic publishing and content consumption. RMSDK renders EPUB with support for multiple graphic formats including SVG; embedded fonts; right-to-left and mixed-direction text layout support; right-to-left reading order; Japanese text; and support for stylesheets and templates.

The RMSDK deliverable provided by Datalogics is an enhanced package which includes support for the Datalogics eSync Platform. Applications built with this version of RMSDK are compatible with the Datalogics eSync Platform, which enables the ability to synchronize users’ content and reading experience across all devices and platforms.

RMSDK supports digital content copy-protected by Adobe Content Server (Adobe DRM). Hundreds of publishers, libraries, retailers and solution providers are distributing and managing eBooks using Adobe Content Server and secured with Adobe DRM. All of this content can be read by any viewer built using the RMSDK. Unprotected PDF and EPUB documents can also be transferred and read with an RMSDK-based viewer.

In addition to supporting reflowable EPUB content, RMSDK also supports PDF reflow, enabling resizing text-oriented documents for greatly improved readability on small screens. PDF is the international standard (ISO 32000-1) for more secure and reliable distribution and exchange of electronic documents and forms.

Users can transfer content directly to a device via Adobe Digital Editions, Adobe’s rich Internet application built from the ground up for digital publishing. Adobe Digital Editions offers a simplified, engaging way to acquire, manage, and read eBooks and other kinds of digital publications.

RMSDK supports hundreds of languages and character sets, and right-to-left (R2L) and mixed-direction layout support for Arabic and Hebrew.

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