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Convert PDFs to fixed layout EPUB files that you can download and save locally


Convert PDF documents to fixed layout EPUBs

EPUB format maintains the original design of the PDF to minimize the shift of content due to screen size. This command line application is available on our website for a limited time, and we encourage you to try out our demo below with your own PDF files. 

Demo Under Construction

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Use this tool to transform your PDF documents into fixed layout EPUB files. Once downloaded, open in your eReader.

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Once converted, you can:

  • Extract the contents of the EPUB file, edit it and repackage it using widely available standard EPUB tools
  • Use EPUBs to add embedded audio and video files using an EPUB editor
  • Expand the availability of the content to applications that do not support PDFs
  • Support text to speech capability, if your reader supports that functionality


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