End-to-end EPUB3 and PDF EdTech solution

  • Dynamic EdTech solution 
  • Managed content distribution
  • Rich interactive elements: quizzes, videos, media

Adaptive, Interactive, Collaborative

READynamic™ is an end-to-end EdTech solution engineered for all levels of education. A powerful back-end server facilitates the management and distribution of educational content, using intuitive browser-based clients on the desktop, and native apps on mobile devices. The solution is adaptable for K-12, Higher Ed, and Corporate. EPUB2, EPUB3, and PDF formats are all supported and protected, and easy-to-use tools are provided for adding rich interactive elements and learning objects to all content. READynamic supports a blended classroom, and integrates easily with your existing LMS or CMS, with support for single sign-on, low-level data exchange, and customization capabilities available through a powerful server API.

READynamic with URMS is a new version of READynamic that offers the same interactive functionality and benefits of the original solution now with the integration of Sony DADC’s User Rights Management Solution (URMS). The Sony DADC URMS featured in READynamic offers a powerful level of industry recognized security that will allow for full content protection, in both EPUB and PDF format, while offering the user flexible content control. For more information on READynamic with Sony DADC URMS, contact us.


  • Supports Open Educational Resources
  • Closed Client-Server Solution
  • Managed content distribution with task-based permissions
  • Easy server installation with Docker
  • In-browser reading 
  • User role support
  • Single user sign-on
  • Quizzes and monitored results
  • Multi-media elements
  • EPUB and PDF content protection
  • Branded integration and apps
  • Supports loaned content
  • Social media integration
  • Server SDK integration


Does your school want more innovative and blended learning? Do you want your students to be more engaged? READynamic for K-12 is the perfect way to measure success, improve reading comprehension, and adapt to different learning needs. It helps teachers and students work together, and provides a digital learning experience for today’s modern learners.

Higher Ed

Does your university provide the best EdTech reading tools for students? Do you want to offer eBooks or an interactive experience to enhance learning? Boosting collaboration and enhancing the college experience is the core result when you implement READynamic for Higher Ed. The solution takes a standard, ordinary textbook and replaces it with interactivity, all while supporting students as they complete their degrees.

Corporate / Business

Does your organization want to consolidate all your important resources? Do you want to see better communication and information sharing across teams? READynamic for Corporate is a great tool to accomplish these goals. READynamic consolidates your corporate materials into one EdTech solution and provides a unique interactive experience for corporate training. 

READynamic: The Mobile App

A quick walk through of some of the many features of the READynamic mobile app.

Watch our other helpful READynamic videos including The Student Experience and Quizzes and Overlays.

READynamic Server

The core functionality of the READynamic platform is driven by the READynamic Server. It runs on Ruby on Rails in a Linux server environment. Branding, customization, and integration with existing enterprise systems is all facilitated by the READynamic Server SDK.

READynamic eBook Readers

READynamic supports PDF, EPUB 2 and EPUB 3 content and can be accessed by any modern browser on laptops, Chromebooks and desktop computers. This makes it easy to integrate into existing portals and learning management systems. READynamic also includes native viewing clients for iOS and Android. These client apps can be customized to provide a more tailored user experience.


READynamic Server runs on Linux. READynamic desktop clients are browser-based and support all modern browsers; and runs on Chromebooks, too. READynamic native mobile apps are available for iOS, Android, Surface and Surface Pro.

Pricing and Licensing

READynamic can be licensed to software developers who are developing education and learning solutions. Technical Support and regular updates are provided via our Support and Maintenance program. Pricing for READynamic is situation-dependent but generally includes an initial license fee and annual maintenance and support fees. The READynamic SDK is licensed separately.

To discuss your specific situation with a Datalogics Sales Representative, please contact us.

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