DL Pager

Robust, powerful, high-speed batch pagination composition system

DL Pager is a high-speed, fully automatic multi-platform batch composition engine. DL Pager typesets documents of any size, but is best suited for the production of large, complex publications; huge quantities of statements, forms and letters; and time-critical on-demand applications, when completed documents must be delivered in seconds, not hours or minutes.

DL Pager

Overview and Features

Only DL Pager can automatically compose literally tens of millions of pages of high quality output within modern business' rigid deadlines. Leading-edge service bureaus use DL Pager to generate personalized banking and dividend statements, claim forms, pension and 401(k) summaries, and a wide variety of financial reports in phenomenal quantities.

DL Pager is available for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, and Solaris.

Assemble pages "on the fly"

DL Pager automatically assembles pages "on the fly," utilizing sets of logical rules that eliminate the need for time-consuming human intervention. With support for multiple input sources such as XML and SGML, integrated graphics, complex table design and dynamically generated in-line charts, DL Pager produces perfect pages, ready for PostScript or AFP, EDGAR and SEC HTML output or instant electronic transmission in PDF form. Mainframe power (and mainframe expense) isn't required: DL Pager can typeset thousands of pages a minute, even on a laptop.

This is why international multi-billion dollar corporations, the government and the military have all relied on DL Pager for more than a quarter of a century, and continue to depend upon it for their demanding publishing applications.

Easily generate typeset material

Our customers routinely generate documents containing thousands of pages. From Canada to New Zealand, Europe to Singapore, DL Pager is used daily to produce a broad spectrum of typeset material, including:

  • telephone books
  • health care provider directories
  • parts and product catalogs
  • repair and maintenance manuals
  • technical documentation
  • insurance data books
  • securities documents
  • tax forms
  • loose-leaf publications
  • government reports
  • legal dockets
  • election ballots
  • tax and law guidebooks


To obtain additional technical information (platform support, input/output formats, etc.), licensing details, or to find out if DL Pager is right for you, please contact us.

DL Pager

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