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Datalogics provides PDF software to developers. Many of these technologies are core Adobe technologies provided through Datalogics; others are developed in-house leveraging our years of expertise in document technology and supporting customers.

Our PDF Products

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Adobe PDF Library

The broadest range of PDF functionality, guaranteed compatibility with Acrobat, and future-proof.

PDF Java Toolkit

Pure Java core PDF technology from Adobe

Adobe PDF Converter

Programmatically convert PostScript and EPS files to PDF

PDF Print Engine

Adobe's native PDF RIP technology

PDF Alchemist

Convert PDF documents to HTML5

Our PDF Utilities

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Automate your printing process


Reduce PDF file size


Rasterize PDF pages to images

Webinar: PDFs with a Purpose

In this webinar, hosted by Xplor International, you'll hear from our CTO, Matt Kuznicki, and Product Manager for the Adobe PDF Library, Vel Genov, about:

  • The importance of creating a PDF document with your audience in mind
  • The different needs of print, archival, online view, and other workflows
  • How to tailor PDFs to your specific workflow needs
  • How to effectively re-purpose existing PDF content


View the Webinar