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Companies worldwide have integrated our technologies into their products. Find out how these customers are using Datalogics products to enhance their products and solutions.

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“PDF2PRINT dramatically improved our remote print process with its unique ability to generate significantly smaller spool file sizes (up to 30x smaller) while maintaining a high-quality document output, resulting in faster print throughput, greater efficiency and cost savings.” - Claudio L, CIO, Heinz Wolffgramm AG
“The one-on-one format of PDF Connect was a great opportunity to interact directly with Datalogics software engineers and product management. My PDF questions about spot colors and specific document configurations were thoroughly addressed and answered. The event was time well spent, and I would wholeheartedly recommend attending PDF Connect in the future.” - Arbi A, GotPrint
“What we realized in the end was that we couldn’t afford not to use the Adobe PDF Library. It remains a critical piece of our core software, and is something from which we receive a return on our investment every day.”
- Jacob S, Director, Integration X - Denmark
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