Outrageously Unsexy

We get it. PDF software isn't known for being exciting or hip.

But with more than 3 trillion PDFs roaming the earth, it is essential for creating and editing the most common document type used today. 


Datalogics began working with Adobe PDF Library 25 years ago, adding more programming languages and platforms to the original version. We know PDFs inside and out.

Datalogics didn't invent PDF software, but we did help define it.

C/C++, .NET FRAMEWORK, .NET Core & Java, Windows, Linux, MacOS

Creation & Modification

  • Optimize for size
  • Merge/Split
  • Annotations
  • Flattening
  • Bookmarks, links, labels
  • Underlines/Highlights
  • Create Transparency
  • Add Content/Elements
  • Color spaces
  • Layers
  • Linearization (web)


  • Content
  • Attachments
  • Fonts
  • Flattening
  • List info, layers & paths
  • Metadata


  • Silent Printing
  • Automating Tray Pulls
  • Building RIPs


  • Set/Change passwords
  • Remove passwords
  • Encrypt with password
  • Decrypt with password
  • Redaction
  • Encryption/Decryption
  • Set Permissions
  • Lock Document
  • Watermark
  • Passwords


  • XFA to AcroForms
  • Import/Export data
  • Flatten
  • Dynamic XFA Flattening
  • Static XFA Flattening


  • Extract
  • Import/Export
  • Thumbnails
  • Render/Rasterize Pages
  • Separations


  • Text extraction by pattern, region, annotations
  • Text search
  • Insert header/footer
  • Add glyphs, unicode & vertical text


  • PDFA Converter
  • PDFX Converter
  • ZUGFeRD Converter
  • PDF to EPS
  • PDF to PostScript
  • XPS to PDF
  • PDF to MS Office Documents
  • EPS to PDF
  • PS to PDF


  • Add Text to Document
  • Add Text to Image
Companion SDKs & Publishing Tools

Forms Extension™

Forms Extension is a companion SDK to The Adobe PDF Library that extends digital document support to PDFs with static and dynamic XFA and AcroForm content. Quickly and easily import and export form data, lock completed forms to prevent editing, fill databases with forms data, and provide consistent viewing experiences across all devices.

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Adobe PDF Converter

Adobe PDF Converter for The Adobe PDF Library is an API that consumes PostScript and Encapsulated PostScript files and standardizes them to a searchable PDF/A output while collecting unique and reportable PDF data from the body of input content. A time-saver when you need to batch process and convert multiple files at one time.

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Adobe InDesign Server

Adobe InDesign Server is a robust and scalable engine that can automate the design, layout, and typographical capabilities of Adobe InDesign. The InDesign Server engine drives a wide range of advertising, catalog, editorial, and brochure publishing solutions. Most customers work with Adobe’s deep and experienced pool of development partners to deploy an existing solution or have one custom-built to meet their exact needs.

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