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Matt Kuznicki, CTO

The Datalogics Motto

Xplor International interviews CTO, Matt Kuznicki, about our company motto "Where Experience Delivers", Datalogics history, and the future of PDF.


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Webinar: PDFs with a Purpose

In this webinar, hosted by Xplor International, you'll hear from our CTO, Matt Kuznicki, and Product Manager for the Adobe PDF Library, Vel Genov, about:

  • The importance of creating a PDF document with your audience in mind
  • The different needs of print, archival, online view, and other workflows
  • How to tailor PDFs to your specific workflow needs
  • How to effectively re-purpose existing PDF content


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Our Satisfied Customers

Companies worldwide have integrated our technologies into their products. Find out how these customers are using Datalogics products to enhance their products and solutions.


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We aim to provide our users with a diverse, modern portfolio of options to protect their content. Sony DADC URMS helps our customers reach their goals at their own level of protection.
- Lewis P
Director, Digital Retail Sales for Ingram Content Group
What we realized in the end was that we couldn’t afford not to use the Adobe PDF Library. It remains a critical piece of our core software, and is something from which we receive a return on our investment every day.
- Jacob S
Director, Integration X - Denmark
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