About Datalogics, Inc.

At Datalogics, we build our software with developers in mind, because we're developers too.

We have evolved from the early days of the PDF format when we developed technologies to generate postscript and PDF documents, up to now, where we are the only certified reseller of the Adobe PDF Library. Technology has changed dramatically over the years, but our core values remain. We are committed to supporting our customers and providing them with the best possible products and services.

Our Adobe Connection
Since 1997, we’ve worked closely with Adobe, acting as the key channel for several of their PDF toolkits. These include Adobe PDF Library, Adobe PDF Print Engine, Adobe InDesign Server

Datalogics has a unique business relationship with Adobe Inc. Although we are separately owned and operated company, at one point we were wholly owned by Adobe. Today Adobe retains in Datalogics as an Adobe Portfolio Company. Licensing this broad portfolio of Adobe’s PDF developer technologies gives us unique perspectives. It allows us to work with companies to best determine the most appropriate technology for their needs. We’re also able to provide Adobe consistency, reliability, and compatibility in our products as well.