Adobe InDesign Server

Server-Based Automation of InDesign Publishing

Automate Your InDesign Workflow

InDesign Server is designed to  integrate with automated publishing and content management solutions, product information management (PIM) or digital asset management (DAM) software and workflow processes.  

Using the same core technology as InDesign publishing software, InDesign Server automates the layout, composition and typography of documents for printing and online viewing. Developers can easily create programs that gather information from a variety of data sources and formats to create customized documents.  

Available for Windows and MacOS, licenses are server-based, not user-based, making them inherently scalable. Output document type is up to you – INDD, PDF, EPUB, EPS, PostScript®, FLA, JPEG, HTML, SWT, IDML, InDesign snippets.

How our Customers Use InDesign Server

  • Personalized marketing and advertising collateral
  • Financial & bank statements
  • Catalogs, brochures, newspapers and newsletter with curated content
  • Retailers & franchises that need regional pricing & information
  • Pharmaceutical labeling and medical device documentation
  • Multi-language translations
  • Used by OEMs as part of their own PIM or DAM software solutions programs


$ 2,100 Yearly
  • For testing or staging InDesign Server solutions, not for Production use.
    Produces same output as a
    Production license with no watermark.



$ 4,990 Yearly
  • For use with automated solutions
    that are made accessible only within
    a company’s internal network only,
    limited to employees of Licensee.


$ 13,500 Yearly
  • For use with automated publishing solutions made accessible to customers or users other than the Licensee’s employees via the Internet in addition to rights to use corporate wide within an intranet.

    There is no limit on the number of users for this license. Partners or end users are permitted to use the Premium license model in hosted or SaaS based offerings but InDesign Server must be an integrated component of a solution, not as a standalone service.

Automate Pro Designs

Implement automated processes while still maintaining a high level of quality

Robust, Flexible, Scalable

Build professional designs with the power of server-driven automation

Workflow Automation

Automate parts of your existing workflows to handle processor-intensive tasks

InDesign Markup Language

Supports IDML, an open file format that can assemble and disassemble InDesign pages

Rich Dev Environment

Supports Java & SOAP and delivers continuous uptime on Mac & Windows

Export to EPUB

Automated export to EPUB format for automated eBook production

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