Datalogics Customized Pricing & Licensing
Pricing based on business model & usage.

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End Users
Adobe PDF Library licensing for internal usage is based on the number of servers or desktops where our software is deployed. In today’s environment, architecture varies and we are happy to tailor special pricing for you.
Customers incorporating Adobe PDF Library into an application for external distribution pay a flat annual fee per platform and a royalty based on product distribution. The royalty fee is based on a percentage of sales, a flat fee per unit, or fixed distribution – based on how you license your product.
Customers using Adobe PDF Library in an externally accessible service (SaaS) can license the software based on the number of servers deployed or a customized model based on users, activations, quantity of documents processed, or revenue.
Our Support
When you become a Datalogics customer, you have access to a Support Team with decades of PDF technology and development expertise. Many Datalogics support engineers have been working with PDFs longer than our competitors have existed! Contact Support