Announcement: The Adobe PDF Library (APDFL) 18 now has support for SPARC Solaris

We’ve got you covered! The Datalogics team continues to provide superior engineering support for our users, and we are excited to announce our newest updates to the Adobe PDF Library. With our new updates to the Adobe PDF Library v18.0.3PlusP1c, we’ve added SPARC Solaris operating system support for the Adobe PDF Library (APDFL) 18.

The flexibility of the Adobe PDF Library allows developers to embed Adobe PDF functionality within client and server solutions. The library also provides a consistent, reliable, accurate, and supported implementation of the latest Adobe PDF specification. Some of the great benefits you’ll get with the Adobe PDF Library include high-performance, scalable, and optimized PDF processing along with flexible implementations of powerful Adobe PDF solutions. We also offer top-tier support for all APDFL customers, with each customer receiving a dedicated support rep to help you with your specific needs.

With these new updates to APDFL, APDFL 15 SPARC Solaris customers will now have a clear upgrade path option to APDFL 18, the newest version of the library. With this new support, users can choose to have multiple versions of the solution coexist on the same server, allowing you to test a new version while keeping a previous version up and running. As mentioned before, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service and support for our products, so if you have any questions or are new to our solutions, feel free to reach out to us with questions! And be sure to check out the Adobe PDF Library for more information and to request a free evaluation today.

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