2019 In the Rear View Mirror

As we roll the calendar forward, it’s a good time to look over the year behind us, and to look forward to what we can expect in the year ahead.

Interns – “The Sprouts”
Last summer (2019), we continued the expansion of our internship program. We have hosted Engineering interns every summer for over a decade now, and in 2018, this program expanded to include Marketing interns. For 2019 we further expanded the program to include our first IT interns. Our 2019 interns comprised of a very sharp group of close-to-graduation level university students who worked in teams on their projects. They impressed us with their ability to collaborate, rapidly absorb knowledge, and to contribute at Datalogics. Our interns interacted with everyone – from our most recent hires to our most senior engineers and executives, and I think we learned as much from working with them this summer as they gained from working with us.

This summer (2020), our internship program is slated to expand again to include high school student interns who will be working with our Quality Assurance team. While the growing demand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills is widely understood and expected to continue into the foreseeable future, it’s also understood that not enough U.S. university students graduate with these skills each year to meet that demand. These students will get hands on experience working in the technology space and the opportunity to visualize a career path for themselves in technology-related jobs. These students will be challenged, and we expect them to learn a lot more this summer than they would from a typical summer job.

We will also be actively participating in several university career fairs to recruit interns for our 2020 summer internship program. We will be recruiting at the University of Illinois at Chicago on Feb 7th, Northern Illinois University on Feb 19th, and DePaul University on Feb 25th, where we will be seeking energetic and eager to learn interns to join our team.

Our Products
In 2019, we shipped version 18 of our flagship Adobe PDF Library product. Our eCommerce site which launched in November of 2018 continued to be revised and improved during the year, and we have more planned enhancements to implement for 2020. Major updates were made to our document utilities to make them easier to use and deploy, and to unlock more powerful document transformation capabilities. Last summer, our PDF Optimizer utility shipped with updated and additional profiles that comply with the various PDF/A standards and that can also create ZUGFeRD 2.0 electronic invoicing compliant documents, which has been embraced by many countries within the European Union. Our PDF Optimizer capabilities were originally made available as extensions to the Adobe PDF Library core offering in 2016, and in 2019, the PDF Optimizer stand-alone offering became our top selling product.

Our Partners
Datalogics offerings have previously been sold by our partner East Co., in Japan, and to CAD and 3D customers worldwide by our partner TechSoft 3D. This year we added another strategic partner to distribute and support our offerings in Hong Kong, mainland China, Taiwan and Malaysia. Our new partner Hyper Avitron has extensive experience with Adobe PDF and forms offerings and will now be licensing Datalogics products in the Asia Pacific region and providing direct support to these customers. We continue to build and grow our relationship with our partners worldwide, creating shared value for our customers.

In Summary
To all our customers, partners and each and every one of you from the Datalogics team, I want to extend my gratitude for making 2019 a productive and profitable year. Through all the ups and downs of 2019; product releases, promotions, organizational changes, missed or cancelled flights, trade events and meetings, I realize that I am truly fortunate to be able to work and collaborate with such amazing people. I’m looking forward to continuing working with each of you to make 2020 a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Kevin McNeill

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