AddImages: A New Service for the Datalogics PDF WebAPI

We continue to add capabilities to the Datalogics PDF WebAPI with the new AddImages service. AddImages does exactly what it says it does; it allows developers to programmatically add any number of images to any number of pages in a PDF file.
tripleframepreview-fThe AddImages service can be used in conjunction with other services like FillForm to create customized, graphically rich, documents on demand that combine static content,  images, and data such as invoices, advertisements, and receipts.
The simple JSON options for the AddImages service gives you precise control over the placement, scale, rotation, and opacity of the images you add to the page or you can supply a set of margins and have AddImages calculate the scale and positioning for you.  You can even control the z-index of the image allowing it to appear above or below the other page content.
To learn more about the AddImages service, check out the documentation for the Datalogics WebAPI.

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