BEA 2017 Takes Datalogics to NYC

Happy Spring! It is that time of year again – Book Expo of America (BEA)! Some of us here at Datalogics will be packing our bags this weekend to head to the Big Apple, along with tens of thousands of other attendees, to hear and share industry trends, ideas, and product directions.

Last year at BEA, we announced the new Sony DADC URMS DRM that generated a lot of interest. Since then, we have continued to work with prospects and customers to understand, adopt and add new offerings to this innovative DRM ecosystem.

This year, we expanded our  READynamic™ portfolio by adding the option of using URMS for content protection. READynamic is a complete eBook content distribution and reading solution for major browsers and on devices. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with an existing digital content platform, including learning management systems, professional publishing platforms, libraries, and e-retailers.

In addition to attending talks and events, we are excited to be meeting with industry experts and sitting down with our customers to listen to their ideas and needs. This helps refine our products and solutions to solve real-world problems. If you’re headed to BEA next week, contact us if you’re interested in setting up a meeting, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or YouTube!

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