CEO Update: Day 42 of Social Distancing & Work from Home

The New Normal

So this is day 42 since I started working from home and I have not learned a new language, fixed many of the pet peeves around my house, taken up a new hobby etc. I did bring the unicycle I bought recently home from my office, but have not as yet learned how to ride it.

I work, workout, read, try to keep my kids from fighting and try to make sure they keep up with their eLearning for school. I am not sure what would be more challenging – to live alone during social isolation as I know some of our employees do, or to share a house with people you can’t get away from.

My kids taught me that you can turn any table into a ping pong table if you build a net with books and use hardcover books for paddles – we had a family ping pong tournament and my middle child, Teddy, turned out to be the overall champion.

I understand the State of Illinois shelter-in-place order has been extended through May 30th and that schools have officially announced they will not return to classes in Illinois for the remainder of this school year. This is the new normal.

How this has impacted Datalogics?

We continue to be productive and help customers, we are still releasing new products, and we are still on track to hit our goals for the quarter, despite the sudden change to an all-virtual workplace.

It really was great to see the team on our company Zoom call last week, even if you were tiled 6 x 6 on my screen. I look forward to better days when we don’t have to meet on Zoom and can catch up face to face, but we are doing whatever we can to prepare us to ride this out for however long it lasts. I don’t expect things will ever return 100% to the way they were. After 9/11, we got security gates and card readers in our building which had previously been wide open. After SARS, the airports in Asia put infrared body temperature scanners in place so that all passengers were scanned for body temperature variations as they walked into the concourses. So far we have hand sanitizer dispensers by the elevators at 101 Wacker, but I doubt these will be the only changes. We may see temperature scanners in US buildings, and we may have to change the way we sell and market if customers are less willing to meet face to face in the future. How this will change industry events and the tech industry in general is a big question that I am trying to wrap my head around.

For now, I hope you all are well and staying sane in this new normal. Thank you to our customers for your continued support, and to the Datalogics staff for working hard to keep things “business-as-usual.” We’re all in this together.



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