Datalogics Annual Product Survey: Your Feedback Matters

At Datalogics, we are deeply committed to supporting our customers, and staying technically-focused to provide them the best possible products and services. Last year, we sent out our Annual Product Survey asking customers what they wanted from our products and how we could make them better. As we write this year’s survey, it was great to review last year’s results and the impact that our customers had on our development priorities in the past 12 months.

The top three needs expressed by customers for the Adobe PDF Library were making it easier to use, optimization of PDFs, and multi-threading. It is with great pleasure that we say that all three of these items have been addressed.

Late last year, we launched an optimization function to the Library. This feature is intended to reduce the document size while maintaining the integrity of the document itself. In early 2017, we announced that we had revised the complete packaging of the Library to make it easier for our customers to get started using the product. In addition, we also launched a monthly webinar session, inviting new customers to attend so they can get up and running with the Library quickly. Finally, we are about to launch many improvements to multi-threaded processing with the Library. This has been a huge project designed to make the product work faster, and improve its performance.

With our PDF Java Toolkit, we also focused on your feedback. We introduced a number of new features including:

  • Extracting text from PDFs
  • Creating and applying Redaction Annotations
  • Filling in forms by importing FDF/XFDF/XML and executing embedded scripts
  • Rendering PDFs
  • Conversion to PDF/A

I would be remiss if I did not mention all the hard work that our support and product teams do to respond to customer cases. Each of our customers is assigned an individual support rep to assist them with any questions or issues they come across, and they can access additional information and documentation on our Developer Resources page, Knowledge Base, and adobe-pdf-library and pdf-java-toolkit tags on Stack Overflow.

Keep an eye out for our 2017 Annual Product Survey to be sent out later this year. We greatly value your feedback, and know your comments will help influence our roadmap for the future.

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