Datalogics April 2016 Hackathon

Datalogics held its latest internal hackathon on April 4th and 5th. We changed it up from earlier hackathons. Instead of focusing on a specific product or technology, we wanted to give some people who don’t see each other every day the opportunity to work together and to pursue something cool and novel not directly related to their daily work.

We had three awesome teams this time around:
 20160405_160545Unnamed Team #3 brought us an automatic translator for text in PDF files. They were inspired by a story of my travels last year: standing in the train station in Freiburg, Germany, looking for lunch – I happened upon a Michelin-starred restaurant with great reviews and open for lunch. Their website had a PDF with the day’s specials, but alas it was only available in German & my German just wasn’t good enough to read it. There I was thinking to myself, “if only I had a translator I could send this PDF to and get a translated preview of what it says, I could decide if I want to eat here.” But unfortunately I had to go without.
Unnamed Team #3 showed off a great prototype of taking the text from a PDF, using a web service to acquire translated sentences, and creating a new PDF with the translated text from the original. For their great efforts, we were happy to name them the Honored recipients of the Bulgarian Embassy Lanugage Studies certificate of commendation! [sic]
20160405_162207The Meta Characters brought forward a demonstration low-level PDF object viewer and editor as an example for the Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit. Inspired by a set of internal tools used at Datalogics and an example we provide with our Adobe PDF Library distribution, this team showed a tree-based object explorer for analyzing the objects in PDF files and the relationships between these.
For the great progress they made on this tool, we were proud to declare them the Proud recipients of the Object Exploration Achievement award!
20160405_163626The Twitter Conspiracy put together a Twitter Essence Extractor (TEE). Often, we find ourselves wanting to get a summary of what someone is tweeting – to decide if we have common interests with that user, if we want to follow that user, or just to see what’s on someone’s mind. TEE searches for commonly repeated phrases and concepts in a user’s twitter stream and combines these into a single tweet that represents the extracted essence of a user’s recent stream of tweets, and then shares that summary with that user. It is our hope that through sharing understanding and reflection with others, that we can make twitter a better experience for all.
For this most intriguing method of cutting to the essence of someone’s thoughts, we were proud to proclaim them the Winners of The Most Awesomely Triumphant Team award! You can view the winning presentation here. 
While all the teams did had some great hacking and some great ideas, in the end there could only be one Most Awesomely Triumphant Team.  And to our Most Awesomely Triumphant Team we’re proud to present a most awesomely useful, or useless, gift certificate from ThinkGeek!
Also, check out the Datalogics April 2016 Hackathon playlist on spotify!

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