Datalogics developer site is live!

Have you been looking for documentation, examples, or help with working with any of our toolkits? You most likely have come across our knowledge base and our customer portal. These places are useful, but something has always been missing from them. Fortunately, we have built the missing piece in our developer resources site! is where you can find API documentation (for example the Javadoc for Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit) as well as information about the samples that ship with various products (for example the list of samples that ship with our Java and .NET interface to the Adobe PDF Library) for Datalogics products. We hope that having a place online that users of our toolkits can visit and learn from will help them succeed.
One of our most recent updates to the developer resources site is the inclusion of UserVoice. In the upper right corner you will notice an icon that looks like a speech bubble.
This little icon is a “widget from UserVoice that allows you to send us feedback without having to leave the page you’re on so that you can comment in context.
Interested in learning more about our toolkits? Check out the resources on the developer resources site today and if you aren’t already a customer, contact us to start an evaluation of one of our products!

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