How Datalogics is Embracing the Digital Workplace

Back in March, AIIM (The Association for Intelligent Information Management – an organization we have worked with for many years) published a fantastic article, COVID-19 and the Importance of the Digital Workplace. This article touches on the importance of digitizing your workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, and how a digital workplace will undoubtedly transform the future of work. 

At Datalogics, we are learning the importance of digitizing our workplace as we continue to work from home in light of the pandemic and stay-at-home orders from both our state and local governments. Fortunately, the adjustment to working digitally has been relatively smooth for our office due to the nature of our business and the agility of our employees. We have learned that having access to the right tools makes all the difference and that it’s important to maintain both interaction and collaboration with team members as much as possible. 

Here’s a look at how we are adapting to a digital workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 

Prioritizing Human-to-Human Collaboration
Since we no longer have the ability to walk over to a coworker’s workspace to share updates or to chat by the water cooler, we are relying on virtual human-to human connections to conduct business. Luckily, as the AIIM article mentions, “we have better video phone capabilities than the Jetsons envisioned.” We stay in touch with our co-workers by using tools like Zoom, Whereby and Slack’s calling feature. Sometimes we schedule a meeting to chat about specific work-related topics, and other times we just hop on spontaneously for some personal and social interactions. 

We are proud of our strong company culture at Datalogics and have been continuing to build on it for over 50 years. We are working to nurture that same culture virtually, and so far it has been successful (for more insight on how Datalogics is working from home along with useful tips from our staff, check out this blog).

Using Document Collaboration Tools
As AIIM also mentions in their article, “One of the more challenging aspects of the digital workplace for many employees is how to collaborate on a document remotely. This often devolves into a series of email exchanges with attachments, in a variety of formats and versions, that makes collaboration much more difficult than it has to be.”

We understand this challenge well, and have implemented and utilized many tools designed for document and project collaboration, such as Google Drive, Jira, Confluence, Slack, and also our own PDF tools and solutions. This is not necessarily an endorsement of these tools (including our own), just an example of what we have found helpful. We were already using these tools pre-pandemic, but we have realized just how important they are while we’ve all been working from home.

The Future of Datalogics & the Digital Workplace
Although the push for us to operate in a fully-digital workplace is currently due to the immediate issues with COVID-19, we are also considering how the digital workplace can help make our employees more effective. As far as the future of the Datalogics workplace going digital, we have already begun conversations with, and sent out surveys to all employees to gauge their level of productivity and willingness to work digitally in the future after the threat of the pandemic has subsided. It will be interesting to see how our workplace will continue to change and evolve as time goes on for our staff members!

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