Datalogics 2019 Internships: Are You Looking for a Challenge This Summer?

Datalogics is excited to be hiring interns again for this summer, and our recruiting efforts are in full swing. Last year, we expanded our program to include intern positions within our marketing department in addition to the software engineering interns we have had in previous years. Following the success of last summer’s crew, we will be expanding the program again this summer to include a 3rd track – IT support associates. For our internship opportunities within each of these departments, ideally, we are looking for students that are nearing graduation with either a computer science, marketing, or an IT-related major. Applicants looking for careers in these fields will get real world experience with our programs. Last year’s teams wowed us with their abilities, insight, and willingness to learn, and we expect this summer’s crew to be the same.

What Do Datalogics Interns Do?

Typically, our interns will work in teams to complete one or two main projects which they will present to the Datalogics management team at the end of the summer. Recent engineering intern projects have included research related to image vectorization, text recovery, as well as the creation of reflowable HTML from fixed-layout documents for optimal viewing on various screen sizes. The 2018 marketing interns focused on refining the competitive market positioning of various Datalogics product offerings, analyzed existing campaigns, and provided recommendations for future marketing efforts.

What Will This Years’ Interns Do?

While we have a basic idea of what our summer interns will be working on this year, we won’t be able to fully define the scope of our intern projects until we have recruited our teams and have a better understanding of their interests and skills. During the interview process, we will be looking for individuals who are engaged, passionate, and willing to learn. Intern projects will be determined based on the interests of the individuals we hire, so when you meet our managers, be sure to tell us what you’re most interested in learning about, and the relevant skills and knowledge you can bring to the table.

How Can You Apply?

Team managers from Datalogics will be participating at various job fairs over the next month to meet with candidates in person, including:

  • University of Illinois at Chicago Business Career Fair: 2/11/19
  • University of Illinois at Chicago Engineering Career Fair: 2/13/19
  • Northern Illinois University Spring 2019 Internship & Job Fair: 2/19/19
  • Loyola University Career & Internship Fair: 2/20/19
  • Northeastern Illinois University College of Business & Management and Computer Science Career Fair: 2/21/19
  • DePaul University Winter Internship Fair: 2/26/19

We also accept resumes ad-hoc. These can be sent to

If you are eager to learn and passionate about what you’re studying, we are looking forward to meeting you. If you are graduating in the near future and are looking for a challenge this summer, then the Datalogics intern program is for you. Come by any of our intern events or submit your resume to us directly!

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