Datalogics’ Work-From-Home Software Support Engineer: A Personal Experience by Gloria Anthony

My name is Gloria Anthony, and I am the newest member of the Datalogics Developer Support Team. This personal narrative shares my unique experience of being the company’s most recently hired support engineer, assigned to work 100% remotely while providing support services to customers who use our Adobe PDF Library SDK (APDFL).

My ongoing “on-the-job” training and orientation focuses on supporting APDFL for C++, Java and .NET platforms.

The company, renowned for its technological innovations, has demonstrated its inherent resilience in shifting gears –literally and metaphorically—to meet the needs and demands of its customers and clients while many of us work from home.

July 27th was my first day of work at Datalogics’ “Office” – nay, my newly created “office-space” in my house – and whatever prior concern that I might have had of how it would go proved unfounded; as the company’s evident detailed preplanning had made everything seamless. The new employee orientation was flawless, and work tools and equipment had been shipped and arrived on time to get me started.  The IT/Network Team had ensured that I had all requisite applications configured and set-up on my hardware before D-Day.

I was introduced and welcomed by the CEO and members of the team, as well as others outside of it, as though I were a long-lost family member who just showed up to a family reunion.  The atmosphere was celebratory, and I felt at ease and immediately at home at Datalogics. The first week of work heralded a frenzy of activities: company meetings, training scheduling, familiarization with the company history and its values, goals and objectives, as well as its products and the services customer support offered.

I learned a lot about the company, like how the sales of products evolved from internal usage to SaaS and OEM.  It is important that for one to be a member of the team, they need to understand the history of the company, where the company is headed and why – as well as how their work fits into it.

My manager helped me to understand the company’s various processes, schedules, weekly meetings, training, and the company’s expectations of my role.  Everyone on the team has been very helpful and have answered all of my questions.  With the support from my team, I have completed my training with the QA Department and am currently undergoing training with the Support Team to understand all of the support processes involved in resolving customers’ issues.

I’m excited to apply my training and acquired knowledge in APDFL to assist our customers and clients who may encounter any challenges in the course of their use and integration of our software applications into various platforms using C++, Java and .NET. Understanding that such challenges are and would always be customer specific, I will be investigating, troubleshooting, reproducing and resolving issues that they might encounter using our software applications.  

 In conclusion, my experience as the company’s first Support Engineer assigned to work remotely has been exciting so far and could not have been better. Every member of the organization makes one feel welcome; and each goes out of his/her way to offer all necessary assistance to help me succeed in my job.  Datalogics is a great place to work, and as the company offers opportunities for all to grow professionally and economically, I am grateful for the opportunity given to me to contribute towards the company’s overall goals and objectives.

For more information about Datalogics’ support services, please visit our Support page.

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