Design in the Digital Age: My Datalogics 2019 Marketing Internship

My summer at Datalogics has been both rewarding and eventful! After graduating from DePaul University with a degree in Interactive Media Studies, I began taking steps to build my marketing career. The focus of my undergraduate studies was primarily on design and motion graphics, which has ultimately led me to work to increase my exposure to the field of marketing. I was happy to have been given the opportunity to help the Datalogics marketing team create Illustrations, posters and other visually engaging content.

I firmly believe that design is a powerful tool that, when used effectively, elevates a companies’ image. In today’s highly digital age, everyone is constantly staring at their screens, endlessly scrolling through ads, images and publications. This makes a companies’ use of effective, straightforward content vitally important. But how? How can we visually represent to potential clients the breadth of what the company does without being overstimulating or worse yet perceived as being too pushy/sale-focused. Prior to working with the Datalogic’s marketing team this is a question I was constantly asking myself; however during my time here, I have gained incremental experience to understand the best ways to cater to a specific audience.

Through various projects, working closely with my other intern team members, I learned more about marketing strategies that can be deployed to reach a wider range of prospects more effectively; we collectively set up drip campaigns and fleshed out an account based marketing strategy. The ability to see these strategies through from a concept pitch stage to the actual campaign launch provided me with valuable insight into the entire marketing pipeline development process. Another opportunity I had during my internship was to assist with the creation of concise explanatory videos that help our prospects gain a better understanding how our products can benefit their businesses, potentially saving both time and money by increasing overall productivity. The marketing team’s support and feedback has allowed me both the freedom and structure to push my ideas to the next level.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to join Datalogics this summer to work and learn alongside a diverse and well-rounded team. I have appreciated the trust in my work and ideas that have allowed me to grow exponentially as a designer. I will certainly continue to expand upon the skills I have learned in this short time. I am sure I will continue to expand upon the invaluable experiences I have gained here throughout my career.

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