DL Book Club: Reading the Classics

Happy summer!
We are officially (finally!) thawing out from our deep winter freeze, and looking forward to running barefoot in the grass, warm summer nights, and family picnics.  As we begin to plan our summer adventures, we have  a few classics available in the Datalogics Book Club store (compliments of Feedbooks) that can help gear us toward adventures in our own backyard and celebrate our theme of the month – Regional America: New England and the Mississippi.
Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain, the DL Book Club choice for June, is a perfect example of the long lazy summer days to come – detailing days of yesteryear on the Mississippi River as a young Twain trains as a steamboat pilot.  Rich in history about the Mississippi River pre and post the U.S. Civil War, Twain provides detailed accounts about the River along with some tall tales to keep you on your toes.
Along with the book of the month, you will also find a few more new items in the book club store that help contribute to our theme: Moby Dick, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, History of the Expedition under the Command of Captains Lewis and Clark, Vol. 1, and collections of poems and short stories in North Of Boston and Cape Cod Stories.
The Datalogics Book Club site is the only public sample book store built with Adobe Content Server that allows you to experience a flawless eBook shopping experience just like your end-users.  It also allows you to test various business models with actual content before going to market, enabling a successful launch.  The Datalogics book store works seamlessly with all Adobe eBook products – Reader Mobile SDK, Vendor ID – including Datalogics eReader, DL Reader, and eSync Platform.
We hope you take the opportunity to revisit and enjoy some of these classics as you begin to plan your summer adventures.

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