DocEng 2018: Educating Attendees about PDF Capabilities

I recently returned from Halifax and DocEng 2018. This ACM conference on document engineering brings together leading academics and researchers to present recent findings and interesting ideas – in the field of representing and interpreting information, that is, in document form. From computer reading of musical scores to new ideas on representing temporal video relationships, there was a plethora of intriguing and inspiring topics. This was my first time attending DocEng, and there was a lot to learn about and a lot to take in.
As CTO of Datalogics, and as chairman of the PDF Association, my document interests are more on the practical than the theoretical side. So, I was especially pleased to hear from the attendees about their experiences creating and working with PDF documents. I, along with colleagues from Adobe Systems, callas software, and Normex, was honored to sit on an industry panel about PDF moderated by Duff Johnson from the PDF Association. We enjoyed the chance to provide some insight into PDF features for a number of areas – such as accessibility and machine interpretation – where many in the community are unaware of PDF’s strong support for these capabilities. I also learned a lot about some of the frustrations with and limitations of the tools and publishing workflows that most in the academic community use for publishing PDF files.
Attending DocEng 2018 was an educational and inspiring time. If you are interested in learning more about the theory behind how documents represent information, and the interpretation of information in document form, I can strongly recommend you consider attending DocEng sometime in the future.
If you want to learn more about our PDF tools and capabilities, contact us.
Photo credit: @tamirhassan

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