Industry-leading PDF Tools Now Offered Online with New Community Forum

At Datalogics, our goal has always been to provide high-quality software designed to simplify your workday. This year, we are excited to introduce something new.

Customers are now able to purchase Datalogics products directly from our website! Recently launched, our website offers subscription-based command line applications for immediate download. Created to make the purchasing process easier for you, our new website features PDF tools designed to streamline your workflow.

What does online purchasing mean for you?

  • Pricing Transparency
    • Easy-to-find pricing information is now listed for all of our PDF tools available for instant purchase online. Evaluations are always free, and our subscriptions are billed annually. These affordable tools are designed to fit your needs.
  • Purchase Anywhere, Anytime
    • If you have an internet connection, you can purchase our products. You don’t even have to leave your chair. 24/7 ordering allows for the greatest flexibility, allowing you to make purchases on your schedule and not ours.
  • Getting Started Faster
    • Evaluating or purchasing our software has never been easier. Just fill out a few simple form fields, and get immediate access to your license key and software. No waiting. No calls. Start working with our products faster.

What products are we offering online?

  • PDF Alchemist
    • Pro: Easily convert PDFs to HTML, XML, and EPUB formats. Accurate data, content, and table extraction to streamline data management.
    • Premium: Same powerful tool as PDF Alchemist Pro, but offered as an SDK ideal for SaaS and OEM applications.
  • PDF Optimizer
    • Reduce PDF file size for optimal file sharing and downloads. Maintain integrity of your original PDF, and retain color and font fidelity.
    • Quickly convert Microsoft Office documents, images, and PostScript files into PDFs.
    • Automate your print process. Reduce printing time, create compact spool files, and print like Acrobat.
    • Standard: Convert PDF to PNG, JPG, TIFF, and more
    • Pro: Same powerful tool as PDF2IMG Standard, but with additional robust functionality and ability to integrate into an internal-use application
    • Premium: Designed for OEM use, PDF2IMG Premium gives you complete functionality, including API and no license management.
  • PDF Checker
    • Free tool to detect and analyze PDF errors and flag potential problems before entering your workflow.

How can I get help with my ordering?

Along with online purchasing, we have also introduced a new community forum. Here, customers and our Datalogics staff can interact together for community support and idea sharing. You can ask questions, submit responses, and find answers to frequently asked questions about our eCommerce products.

Where do I go to try or buy these products?

Visit our new website at to browse, buy, or download a free evaluation of any of our products.

If you have any feedback, comments, or questions about the online store, we encourage you to comment below!

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