Internship Advice From Current Datalogics Engineers

Datalogics is excited to be offering internships both in our marketing and our software engineering groups for 2018. Datalogics will be at recruiting events at Northern Illinois University, at Loyola University, and at the University of Illinois at Chicago (general and computer science focuses) later in the winter. We encourage everyone who’s interested in joining our intern teams this summer to visit us. If you can’t visit, please contact us for more information!
Last month saw some great internship advice from former Datalogics development interns who came back to join us full-time and have since moved on to other companies. In this article, I’d like to feature advice from former development interns who came back after graduation and have remained working with Datalogics in our software engineering group.
Corey Yates was part of the intern team over the summer of 2014, and joined the engineering team full-time afterwards. Asked for his advice, he says:

First, understand what it is you’re looking to get out of the internship. Having done a few in the past, I’ve found that what’s most important for me to consider when choosing the right internship has gone from things like pay, location, and popularity to personal growth, advancing my technical knowledge, and building new relationships with coworkers. Secondly, be open-minded when collaborating with fellow interns. If you’re anything like me, you’re accustomed to the process of attaining and applying knowledge on your own. While this is a good skill to have, two heads are always better than one. Willingness to share and compare among each other will carry you much further than trying to remain a lone wolf.

Tara Raj joined us for the summer of 2016 and is working full-time in our software engineering team, and currently working towards her Masters’ degree in Software Engineering also. Asked for advice to prospective interns, she wrote the following:

One key difference between internships and school is the level of collaboration. While divvying up tasks and piecing them together after the fact can result in a cool project, making sure it effectively solves the problem at hand means maintaining a common vision and strategy throughout the effort. Explaining and demonstrating your work in a way that teammates and managers from different backgrounds can understand is as important as the task itself. In the industry, work is only done when it’s in a clean state for others to build on. While documentation and organization tasks might seem tedious at first, your current and future teammates and others will thank you. So will your future self when you can focus on new, exciting work rather than figuring out how to fix your past work.

Taylor Smith has had the opportunity both to have an internship with Datalogics in 2012 as well as guiding the intern team in 2016. He believes, “in general, I would encourage potential interns to keep an open mind, be ready to learn, and definitely do not be afraid to ask questions. Especially if it is their first internship – it is going to be totally unlike anything they have experienced in school.”
Finally, Arnie Arroyo interned twice with us – in 2012 and 2013 – before he graduated, and rejoined us afterwards. Arnie suggests, “practice your approach to problem-solving not only from the software perspective, but from the human perspective as well. You will seldom find yourself tackling a problem alone and it is important to effectively contribute and receive expertise from your peers who will have a different background or skill set that you may not be familiar with. Staying humble but confident in your own abilities will lead to success.”
Looking for a great internship in 2018? Please reach out to us and let’s discuss!

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