PDF Camp: Chicago 2017 Coming in June

Datalogics started working with PDF in the mid 1990s – almost since the beginning of PDF itself, which has given us a long time to become experts. We also have the privilege of offering the official Adobe PDF Library – created by the same guys that invented PDF. These factors place us in a unique position be able to provide expertise to users and an outstanding product experience. And being in this position also encourages us to share what we know. That’s why we have organized an event where we are talking all things PDF.

PDF Camp, as we have called it, is co-hosted with our friends and partners callas and Four Pees, and will be held in our own hometown, Chicago, IL. Think of PDF Camp as a PDF focused hackathon. The event will span over the course of 2 days. Each day will start with presentations about the use of PDFs in business, followed by working groups. Our guests will have the opportunity to ask our onsite engineering and support team questions, resolve issues, and learn new ways to use the PDF Library. We are looking at this as a chance to get to know our customers, and put a face to the name we see so often in emails or that voice on the phone.

We are looking forward to an incredible event. If this sounds like something you are interested in attending, check out our PDF Camp: Chicago 2017 registration page. If you have any questions, comment below or contact us!

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