Professional SimplyE Integration Services Now Available Through Datalogics

We here at Datalogics have typically been technology providers first and foremost, and the expertise providers only through our high quality service organization. Over the last year, however, Datalogics has been working with the New York Public Library and their SimplyE platform (previously referred to on this blog and elsewhere as Library Simplified) to help public libraries leverage the great work that has already been done to solve two big problems that most public libraries have:

  1. Libraries purchase content from multiple content vendors and need to make it simple for their patrons to access
  2. Library patrons do not make use of all the content that libraries purchase because they don’t know it exists or how to find it

Today, the easiest way for libraries to make the content they purchase available to their patrons is to use the content vendor’s application. For example, if I purchased content as a library from “XYZ Content Provider,” I would tell my patrons to use the reading app from “XYZ Content Provider” to access and read that book. This makes it possible for patrons to browse the entire set of content that a library has purchased, as long as the search tools in the application have suitable filtering options. In the real world, though, libraries do not purchase content from a single vendor because all vendors do not offer the same book titles, so there is a need to purchase content from multiple sources. Once that happens, it becomes more confusing for the patron to search, download, and read.

Simplifying the distribution and discoverability of eBooks with SimplyE
When libraries purchase content from multiple vendors, it is more difficult for their patrons to browse all of the content at one time. You can’t log into thee digital “storefronts” of eBooks and browse them shelf by shelf like you would with physical books. SimplyE moves the experience that patrons had back to something that resembles the physical act of walking into a library. It provides access to the content that libraries purchase in a single application and removes the patron’s need to know which vendor supplied which content and how to access it. To achieve this, there are a number of components that all need to be integrated together; some of these are systems that public libraries are already running, and others have been built by New York Public Library that need to be deployed and configured. Datalogics is offering its expertise to the public library community to expand the use of SimplyE and make it easier for patrons of all libraries to access content.

SimplyE Integration by Datalogics
Datalogics is currently working with the State of Maryland and Califa, a nonprofit membership consortium in California, to deploy and integrate SimplyE for their public libraries. These projects are helping Datalogics shape its offering to other public library systems who are interested in providing their patrons with a better experience. Here are the highlights of the services Datalogics is offering to libraries:

  • Infrastructure setup
  • Installation and integration of SimplyE with existing library systems (ILS, Content Sources, etc.)
  • Development of support in SimplyE for additional Content Sources
  • Google Analytics dashboards for viewing anonymous patron activity

We support the initiative that the New York Public Library and the other libraries who have contributed to the SimplyE project because we believe that borrowing eBooks should be just as easy (if not easier) as borrowing a physical book from a library. We are excited to be working with both groups on these projects, and are looking forward to the chance to help more libraries leverage SimplyE.

We are also excited to be a sponsor of this year’s DPLAfest 2017, and our team will be at the conference later this week. If you are attending, make sure to stop by our sponsor table during the lunch break and talk to us about our SimplyE integration services.
Interested in learning more or working with Datalogics? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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