Reader Extensions Webinar: Leverage the Power of PDF

I am excited to be the presenter for the upcoming Datalogics webinar “Leverage the Power of PDF: Easily Manage your Form and Data Collection Process”. This webinar will be focusing on Adobe Experience Reader Extensions (AERE) and how this tool can help automate your form processing workflow. Join us next Thursday, December 6th at 1:00 PM CT

AERE is a tool that can be applied directly to specific PDF documents, creating what is known as a “Reader-Extended PDF”. During the process, you can choose which functionality you would like to enable for the particular PDF documents. Below are some of the key options:

  • Fill in and save forms (XFA forms)
  • Update and print 2D barcodes
  • Digitally sign documents (XFA forms)
  • Embed file attachments

In the webinar, we’ll review PDF form features, as well as demonstrate filling in a Reader-Extended form and a non Reader-Extended form.

Whether you are currently utilizing Reader Extensions, or just getting started converting a paper form process to an electronic process, we encourage you to join us!

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