Sony DADC URMS: Flexible Protection for the Modern Reader

At the London Book Fair, Datalogics and Sony co-sponsored a booth dedicated to Sony DADC URMS, a user rights management solution for eBook technology. When we started this journey with Sony, they had just expanded their gaming and video rights solution into the eBook market, while we continued our long history of licensing and support for digital rights management. The partnership always made sense. However, in the beginning, there weren’t many tools on the market that supported URMS, making it a tough battle toward end-user acceptance.

Fast-forward 18 months. There are now iOS and Android eReaders on the app stores, reading devices similar to a Kindle, solutions for libraries, and interactive browser-based reading apps for education. The expanding infrastructure now includes publisher approvals and live implementations with online bookstores. Let’s just say, it has been a busy year.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is obviously important to publishers because it helps limit the illegal propagation of copyrighted books. But, what’s new and exciting is that URMS offers a wide variety of licensing options that change the face of DRM. Keeping up with the modern reader’s needs, offering flexible licensing models, and giving stores opportunities to expand their services is what it’s all about. Thinking creatively, that might mean licensing an eBook for a 3-month trimester, sharing just a chapter for a classroom project, or lending my eBook to a friend. It’s this model, this flexibility, that has publishers and retailers thinking about DRM again.

At the same time this flexible model was created, there was also a revision of how to manage rights. URMS includes:

  • Symmetric and asymmetric encrypted workflows
  • Server-side encryption using random symmetric keys
  • Asymmetric decryption for iOS/Android clients
  • Whitebox technology to prevent unauthorized copying, transfer or retrieval of data
  • Anti-tampering technology in the SDK
  • Compliance with Marlin to enable a confident and secure service with minimum impact to customers

There is so much more to know about URMS.  That’s why Datalogics and Sony are co-hosting URMS-New York on the front end of Book Expo 2017.  It’s a chance for anyone interested in learning more to get an earful about how it works, the benefits, transitioning, and current customers presenting about why they chose the URMS ecosystem.

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