The Datalogics Cycling Club 2014 season wrap-up

Switching gears here (ooh, sorry) and moving off-topic: bicycling season is coming to close – this year the Datalogics Cycling Club rode under new colors:

DL Cycling Club Jersey 2014
DL Cycling Club Jersey 2014

The 2014 design is inspired by the Chicago “El” elevated train map, and utilizes artwork originating from local design company Transit Tees (I’m currently digging their Loop Stripe Coffee Mug). Many of us take the El into work (we’re near the Washington/Wells stop – it’d be on the jersey back, pretty much smack dab in the middle) so we’re intimately familiar with the train map.
Here are a few other pictures, and we’ve also included a few photos of last year’s jersey, worn by some of our technology partners:

We had a great season, added a few more members, and are looking forward to next year!
What do you think about this year’s jersey? Let us know in the comments.

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