Wow: there has been a lot of travelling for me recently, bookended by standards meetings in South Africa and PDF Days Europe last week and with a number of trips in between. My compliments to the South African Bureau of Standards and to the PDF Association for putting on two very productive events. I was especially pleased to see a great turnout for the PDF Days Europe as well as some great presentations. You can find most of these at the PDF Association’s YouTube channel for the event.
May I be relieved to see I’ve no planned journeys for the near future?
On behalf of Datalogics, I’m proud to have been elected to the board of directors for the PDF Association at PDF Days Europe last week. Now I just need to dig up a better headshot…
We at Datalogics look forward to continuing our engagement with the PDF community and helping to expand the use and knowledge of PDF around the world. Having worked deep in the pits of PDF implementations since 2000, I’ve picked up an appreciation for the PDF format that has grown with experience. While portions are complex, the problems that PDF seeks to solve – reliable interchange of information across time and space, between different people and programs – are not simple problems. PDF has grown in scope as what the world considers as electronic documents has also grown in scope. With PDF 2.0, and with continuing work on PDF sub-formats, the community continues to evolve to address real needs from users. However, the community has not forgotten its long-term users in this. It’s always a challenge to balance the needs of existing users while welcoming new users. We look forward to continuing this conversation and continuing to provide PDF expertise and solutions to the world.

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