Datalogics is excited to be a part of BookExpo America 2014, the largest book industry event in North America, taking place this week May 29 – May 31 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York, NY.

We have been doing a lot of exciting things since BookExpo America 2013!  We recently released our eSync Platform. Stop by our kiosk in the Digital Zone, #1871C, to learn more about eSync, a platform built upon a set of powerful tools to manage, protect, authorize and synchronize content on the back-end. Users can view content in customized reading applications on phones, tablets, computers and dedicated eReader devices. The platform leverages industry-standard Adobe technologies:

  • Adobe Content Server:  Manage and secure EPUB and PDF eBooks using Adobe DRM
  • Adobe Vendor ID:  Enhance the eReading experience for your users with login management
  • Adobe Reader Mobile SDK:  Build branded customized eReader apps
  • DL Reader:  Powerful reading app created with Adobe’s Reader Mobile SDK, allowing end-users to read EPUB and PDF content on all of their devices and desktops

The Datalogics eSync Platform capabilities are available to all of our customers.
We are also happy to announce that we expect to see EPUB 3 support in Adobe Read

er Mobile SDK (RMSDK) and Adobe Digital Editions by fall 2014. EPUB 3 rendering will be available along with Adobe’s DRM support for EPUB 3 content. The EPUB 3 support in RMSDK is based on the Readium EPUB 3 technology. You can find more information from Readium’ s website at and read more about the features that will be available this fall in our recent blog post by Ching Yue.

In addition, we have been busy working on the Datalogics book store, a sample store for eBook content providers who need to create an eBook acquisition environment. It is an on-line market, with actual content, that shows the value of Adobe Content Server, RMSDK, the eSync Platform and DL Reader by highlighting the seamless integration of the products. This provides a testing environment for customers to build successful business models, and highlights a modern e-commerce experience for end-users.

It’s been a busy year at Datalogics!  Stop by the Digital Zone #1871C at BookExpo America 2014 to talk to one of our representatives and learn how Datalogics can help you!

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