Visiting Partners Abroad: Our Journey to India

Recently, Vel Genov, Datalogics Product Manager, and I made a trip overseas to visit a few of our partners in India. Upon our return, we were asked by many friends, family, and colleagues what it’s like to do business in India, so I thought I’d share some of our experiences.
After several visits to India, the country still fascinates me and the ability to easily describe it continues to elude me. How do you summarize a country where the currency notes are written in 17 different languages, and where McDonald’s restaurants don’t serve hamburgers? Though so different from our own, this country really captivates you with its own unique charm.
We arrived at the end of the monsoon season, and the weather may have been the best I have ever experienced there. It was cooler, but humid, with temperatures in the mid 80s to mid 90s instead of the 110+ range that can be experienced at other times of the year in the Delhi area. With the recent rains, it smelled of fresh flowers, and the landscape was green with new growth instead of the dry and parched look I had seen at the hotter times of the year.

During the day, we met with our Adobe partners about upcoming projects, future collaborations, and new developments in the market. At night, we spent our time exploring the city, and working our way through all of the different cuisine India had to offer.

While overseas, I typically read local newspapers to try and understand the culture and atmosphere, and to help me connect with the individuals we meet and do business with. In India, I read the Hindustan Times, Times of India, and the Goan, which as a legacy of the British history of India, are English language publications. From these media sources, I learned that India is a lot like America, but also very different.
As an avid racer, one of the stories that stuck out to me was related to a marathon they recently held in Nainital. In Chicago, many of my friends, and several of our Datalogics team members, are preparing for the Chicago Marathon next month. We know that several of our contacts at Adobe also compete in similar events in India, and we saw race bibs on the walls in their offices. While something interesting and unique happens each time I race, I have never been bitten by a monkey during any of the races I have entered.
We had a fantastic time in India learning more about the culture, and interacting with the local community. We were very fortunate to be able to have in-person meetings with our partners, and greatly appreciated their hospitality and graciousness throughout our entire visit. We look forward to hosting them in Chicago.

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