Working – and playing – at Datalogics

While we’ve been focusing this blog on technical topics of relevance to our PDF and eBook customers, from time to time we’ll throw in a different topic that we think you may be interested in – all work and no play, and all that.

Actually, here at DL we take that aphorism to heart: all work and no play does indeed make Jack a dull boy. As the company grows (we had to expand our offices last year, our annual Engineering intern program continues to bring us new fresh talent, and we continue to hire), one of the things I’m happy to see is the strengthening of the “DL community”. Our company sponsored events (our annual Winter Holiday Party, Summer Family Celebration, and Datalogics Anniversary events) are always well-attended, but it goes beyond that.

Case in point: the newly formed DL Cycling Club. Started last year as a result of a group of DLers getting together for evening and weekend rides, the club is currently at 15 members and has six more events planned this year.

This past Saturday was the Horribly Hilly Hundreds aka “The Toughest One-Day Challenge Ride in the Midwest”, and club members Alex, Jeff and Kevin completed the ride (200 kilometers, 10,000+ ft of climbing)… and still managed to show up to work on Monday ready to go!
A few pics from the ride:

DL Cycling Club members Alex and Jeff flanked by other riders
DL Cycling Club members Alex and Jeff flanked by other riders


Alex and Jeff, shot by Kevin, trying to keep up
Alex and Jeff, shot by Kevin, trying to keep up

Not all of our rides are that, um, extreme: Kevin and Jeff are training for an Ironman Triathlon and tend to be a little more hardcore than the rest of us. Our other rides will find us in Indiana, south suburban Matteson and North Side Evanston for the rest of the summer. Some of us will likely be sporting our DL-branded bike jerseys (extra credit if you can identify our design inspiration for the jerseys – share your guess in via a comment below).
The DL Cycling Club has been a great team-building experience for us, with members from Engineering, Support, Finance, and Marketing; and roles spanning from summer interns to the President of the company. At 60-odd employees, I still think of us as having a small company feel. We believe that bonding via extracurricular activities like the DL Cycling Club positively impacts our in-the-office communication and collaboration, which helps us more effectively provide you the technologies and the support you expect from us.
Do you have a company cycling club? Any words of advice for ours? Leave a comment and let us know. Thanks, and see you on the road!

Here's me marketing DL on Lookout Mountain in Colorado
Here’s me marketing DL on Lookout Mountain in Colorado

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