Adobe Content Server 4.2 Is Released

Adobe has just released version 4.2 of Adobe Content Server. This version is a minor update from Version 4.1.2.  Following changes are included in this release:

  • Special handling for the encryption during packaging of audio and video content within ePub3 documents. When viewing or playing back this content, a viewer can randomly access portions of the content for decryption; it is not necessary to decrypt the content sequentially from the start. This allows a viewer to support user scrolling through potentially very large content streams without having to process the entire stream, or buffering the unencrypted contents to temporary storage.
  • Tracking of the new ePub3-required dcterms:modified metadata element in the ACS 4.2 database schema. This element, together with dc:identifier, are specified in ePub3 to form a unique identifier for the document.

Refer to section 1.2.2 in the Technical Reference Guide for more information on the audio and video encryption in EPUB files. This change is added for customers who want to implement the ability to render audio and video contents in their reader applications. The change makes the rendering process faster and more efficient.

Upgrading from ACS 4.1.x to ACS 4.2

If you are on ACS version 4.1.x, updating to 4.2 is simple.  The database schema change to track the new metadata element will be updated automatically.  You should following these steps:

  1. Stop Tomcat services.
  2. Remove the folders: admin, fulfillment and packaging from Tomcat’s Webapps folder.
  3. Remove the older versions of 3 war files.
  4. Copy over the new war files.
  5. Restart Tomcat service (this will generate the new folders you removed automatically).

Upgrading from ACS 4.0.x to ACS 4.2

If you are still running ACS version 4.0.x, we recommend you first upgrade to ACS 4.1.2, and then upgrade from 4.1.2 to 4.2. Please read this knowledgebase article(EDIT: updated link) for additional info on upgrading to 4.1.2, and then complete your upgrade by following the steps outlined in the section above.
If you have any questions about this release or Adobe Content Server in general, please contact

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