Learn about the Adobe Content Server Cloud Service and other DL news at BEA in NY

Another BEA event is upon us this week and there are certain to be exciting announcements from the eBook community. Datalogics will be meeting with customers in New York this week at BEA and the IDPF conference. We will have a table at the IDPF conference and you can find us in booth #1871A in the Digital Zone at BEA.  We have some exciting stuff to discuss including our involvement with IDPF and the Readium SDK, a new Product Manager for our eBook technologies, and the pilot program for our ACS Cloud Service.

Recent meetings with the IDPF folks suggest the Readium SDK project is progressing nicely. Datalogics is preparing for this by working to expose the DRM capabilities of the Reader Mobile SDK so that the Adobe DRM can be used with 3rd party rendering engines such as Readium. These projects will converge later this year and Datalogics is now surveying customers and prospects to learn how we should prioritize our platform deliveries. I could make certain assumptions about which platforms our customers will want EPUB3 with support for Adobe DRM on first, but Datalogics wants to know your thoughts as well.

The eBook team at Datalogics recently added a new face. Jennifer Bianchini has joined us taking on the role of Product Manager for our eBook Technologies. Her most recent role was managing custom publishing products, digital asset management work flow tools and marketing communications for content creation services for DL customer and partner RR Donnelley. She will be meeting with Datalogics customers, prospects and partners on Thursday May 30th at BEA. The eBook developer community will have the opportunity to discuss their current challenges with Jennifer and let her know what DL should be doing now to help them in the future.

I saw my first demo of the Datalogics ACS Cloud Service last week and it’s slick. At the most basic level this offering will allow any consumer who gets their eBooks from an Adobe Content Server based content supplier to synchronize their content and metadata between devices. The demo I saw was the simple user story of a consumer who downloads a book to their Android device and then that content automatically uploads to a 2nd Android device that has been activated by that user. This infrastructure is now in place as a RESTful web API so that any Adobe Content Server licensee can have their content synchronized to the cloud and replicated across their customer’s registered devices.

While the demo I saw was Android to Android, when released, the ACS Cloud Service will synchronize content across Android, iOS, Windows 7 and Windows 8 devices seamlessly and automatically. Support for the Adobe Digital Editions clients is planned for after the popular mobile devices. The product vision is for reader’s content and metadata such as annotations, bookmarks and last page read info to update seamlessly between devices. If you start reading on your desktop at the office and want to continue from your train ride home on your phone you should be able to open that book on your iPhone to the last page you read on your PC. Future capabilities we can foresee include automatically uploading courseware to students’ devices and providing instructors with feedback on how many or even which specific students read the required content.

After circulating the idea amongst our ACS customers late last year, we started engineering efforts in January. Now that this infrastructure is in place we are beginning to work with pilot customers to define the user experience and prioritize the features and functions that are under consideration.
Your readers should never lose their libraries again! ACS Cloud Service will protect reader’s digital assets even when their reading devices are lost or become obsolete. This offering will be generally available for all ACS licensees later in 2013 and will provide a major enhancement to their customer’s user experience
For those of you attending either IDPF or BEA this week, please stop by our table at the IDPF conference, or booth #1871A in the Digital Zone at BEA, to hear more about the ACS Cloud Service offering.

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