New Reading App Now Available to Support URMS Protected Content

The User Rights Management Solution (URMS) ecosystem continues to gain momentum with the release of the URMS Reader. This new reading app is available for iOS and Android, and provides a straightforward reading experience for any EPUB formatted URMS protected content. Stores can be added to the reader, enabling their customers access to their content.

For brick and mortar stores looking to add a digital channel, this is a great way to start. You can add your store to the site, provide a reader for customers to use, and include powerful digital rights management to protect the content. While I am simplifying this greatly, the fact that a generic reading app is available that includes DRM is a big deal.

The great thing about the URMS Reader is that it is based off an open source project that simplifies the reading experience in libraries, called SimplyE. If there is anyone who knows what’s needed to enable a good reading experience, it’s a library. Add to that the ease with which a user can gain access to a wide variety of content, combined with the simplicity of the user experience, and you hit a home run with the app.

While the app only supports EPUB now, there is a very aggressive timeline to add PDF support, as well as some additional features that will enhance the user experience. Check out the reader on the Apple Store.

If you’re interested in learning about other apps that support URMS, we offer a quick URMS side by side on our website.

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