Apple’s Price Fixing Proposal and what it means for the eBook Community

The eBook community was buzzing on August 2, 2013 when the Department of Justice’s antitrust proposal to address Apple’s guilty verdict for conspiring to fix the eBook prices in the United States was released.
The Justice Department proposal calls for requiring Apple to let competing retailers provide links in their eBook apps to their own stores, and to refrain from brokering pricing deals for eBooks, music, movies, TV shows and other content found via its iTunes store.
This is big news for Datalogics customers who distribute their apps in iTunes – if this passes, they will be able to allow consumers the convenience of in-app browsing and purchasing directly to their bookstores, without having to pay the 30% Apple fee.  If Datalogics ebook customers have decided to forego an app in iTunes to avoid fees, they will now be able to provide the highly demanded in-app purchase capability to consumers or a link to the store that will take consumers to the store site in a browser inside of the app.
The court will hold a hearing on remedies August 9, 2013 – stay tuned for the outcome!

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