Capturing the eBook mobile market with Bookvia™ reading app

Datalogics has just released the Bookvia™ reading app for the Android market.  You can now download it from Google Play and check it out!

A digital publishing ecosystem consists of many components and players. There are many ways and business models one can deploy to build an eco-system, some with DRM, some without, and some with a mix of these. Whether you are building a platform for a publisher, online retailer, or libraries, you will need a reading tool.  That’s what Bookvia is all about.  It’s a fantastic reading app that supports major DRM solutions.  We chose to make Bookvia available on iOS and Android, to help our customers reach over 95% of the mobile market.

Bookvia on Android has all the major features that Bookvia iOS has and maintains the level of consistency in user experience that one expects. If you are building a platform with the Sony DADC’s URMS solution, you can expect features like a single sign-on experience for the user and the automatic retrieval of purchased or borrowed titles.  You can read more about these features from my previous blog post.

For customers who are looking to build an eBook ecosystem with the URMS solution, I want to point out the single sign-on and the bookshelf features. The Bookvia app lets a user select from a list of stores for authentication, with the same credentials they use for accessing the online site for content.  What’s more? The books to which a user is entitled (whether it is through purchase, or borrow, or being gifted), appear automatically on the bookshelf in the app.  As a URMS customer, you don’t have to implement any additional services or license additional software to make this happen.  It’s one of the many benefits of using URMS.

So to learn how to get your platform integrated into the Bookvia apps and give your readers a powerful reading experience, leave a quick comment or contact us today.

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