Customized Splash Screens Now Available with READynamic™ 3.5

Question: What’s better than producing content on time, on budget, and distributing it to the right audience at the right time?
Answer: Producing content on time, on budget, and distributing it to the right audience at the right time while promoting additional content, products, events, and experiences to expand brand visibility and awareness with FREE marketing space. Yes. We said free.

Did we also mention that you can repurpose this promotional space to showcase vendor and partner offerings for potential paid sponsorships to increase your profits? Maybe we should have led with increasing profits. Additional revenue and free marketing are definitely the right combination to help your content make a splash with every reader.

Launched 8/22/18, READynamic 3.5 introduces a completely new promotional opportunity for all READynamic customers, right out of the box, with the addition of the splash screen. Our new splash screen can be used as a digital billboard to publicize organizational successes, or to promote partners and sponsors to help READynamic customers build up consumer engagement and new revenue streams. The splash screen appears between content selection and content display, as publications are loading, for every single reader across every piece of content. READynamic customers control their splash screen experience from start to finish at no additional cost!

Our latest release delivers configuration elements that allow each of our customers to turn the splash screen on and off at will, maintain full control of the splash image that faces their audience, and even toggle the minimum length of time that the splash screen is visible to consumers. When enabled, the splash screen is visible across all reading experiences from the browser reader to our brandable iOS and Android applications. No matter where your readers are, you can reach out to share your organization’s announcements, events, community involvement, and product and service updates to keep your reading community informed and engaged using the splash screen. Alternatively, you can harness the splash screen to promote partners and create free or paid content sponsorship opportunities.
READynamic is proud to deliver content publishing, management, and measurement (both reader participation reporting and embedded consumer survey and assessment) solutions, and we’re thrilled to offer our customers new advertising opportunities to promote their products, services, and partnerships.
If you haven’t yet, click here to give READynamic a try! You will have the option to view and interact with pre-loaded content as a guest, or choose to create an account and upload your own.

Ready to upgrade to READynamic 3.5? Please contact our Support team.

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