Datalogics (and the World) Awaits iOS 7

With the arrival of September comes the greatly anticipated iOS 7 by Apple.  The rumor mill has been buzzing, suggesting September 10, but the date has not been confirmed by Apple to either the general public or to developers who use their SDK, which includes Datalogics.

In anticipation, our engineers at Datalogics have been diligently working with the iOS 7 beta release to fully support the technical functionality in DL Reader and RMSDK .  As part of this, we are making sure that we can build and update any existing APIs that are either obsolete or changed.

The design of the new iOS 7 platform has a simple and colorful look, simple icons and graphics that do not compete with content.  The text has been developed to be sharp and legible, regardless of the user’s preference for size and multiple layers within apps offer realistic motion for an enhanced virtual experience.  In regards to how it will improve the end user’s reading experience with RMSDK, that has yet to be seen but we are sure it will be celebrated.

Shortly after we receive iOS 7 from Apple, we will submit the updated app to the Apple Store and release the updated RMSDK and DL Reader Source to our customers.

Stay tuned for more information!

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