Datalogics and Merriam-Webster team up to add dictionary support in Android eReaders

AndroidDefinitionGratefulWe’ve had customers asking about dictionary support in DL Reader and for their custom RMSDK-based apps for years. We began addressing this early in 2014 when we added dictionary support to iOS DL Reader. This was relatively easy for iOS, where Apple has dictionary support built into the platform. But Android has no such support, leaving this as an exercise to the app developer.

We’re pleased to announce that Datalogics is partnering with Merriam-Webster to enable dictionary lookup for English words using Merriam-Wesbster’s online API. This is enabled in our flagship DL Reader for Android V4.0, which is now available on Google Play and Amazon’s appstore. Our DL Reader licensees can chose to license the online API or switch to dictionary database, for offline dictionary support, from Merriam-Webster that can be bundled with their private Android Reader.
The full story can be read in our press release.

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