Document Management Systems: The Importance of Trouble-Free PDFs

PDFs continue to be a widely used document format for sharing, viewing, and editing documents. This is especially relevant in the document management systems space where there are many comprehensive enterprise-focused document management platforms that help users manage, share, and edit documents from companies like Microsoft SharePoint, BOX, and Dropbox. And most recently with the highly anticipated first big tech IPO of 2018 – Dropbox is now trading on the Nasdaq.

With this increasing shift to online workflows and document management collaboration tools, it is ever more important to ensure that the PDF files that are uploaded and shared on these online platforms are “trouble-free”. Just what do we mean by “trouble-free” you ask? There are a variety of PDF error and problem conditions that may impact the ability and reliability of other tools and software to properly view or process PDF files. These may include: image formats and color spaces that are not well supported in the PDF industry, transparency layers in the PDF that are rendered differently by a variety of different viewers, or just simply “broken” documents that a PDF viewer is unable to open.

To ensure that your online workflows and tools are fully optimized, and that your users will be able to reliably view and edit PDF documents, it is critical to have an early warning solution in place to flag potentially problematic PDF files before they make it into your system.

PDF CHECKER and PDF OPTIMIZER are great tools that can help address these issues. PDF CHECKER can scan a wide variety of PDF files and will provide the user with an output report file that identifies specific issues with the PDF. PDF OPTIMIZER can then be used to fix many of the errors found. This ensures that you can have the peace-of-mind by correctly flagging issues that need to be fixed within your PDF documents, and resolving these issues with PDF OPTIMIZER will ensure that that the PDF files stored and shared in your document management platform will work as intended for seamless collaboration.

For more information on either of these tools, contact us.

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