Wow, what a year. I met a lot of our customers, and readers of our blog, at events last year such as the Frankfurt Book Fair or Book Expo of America, and from our discussions I judge that the excitement around eBooks and the industry momentum are still growing. New players continue to enter the market, and sales numbers are still growing for existing competitors.
At Datalogics, our strategy has been to deliver technologies to software developers that allow them to get to market faster and with higher quality products.  We understand that software development is rarely easy or inexpensive, but through extending Adobe technologies and providing application source code to developers, we are committed to making it easier and less expensive to build world class solutions for selling eBooks.
Because we are “infrastructure” providers, the work that we do remains mostly behind the scenes. However, I do think it’s important to understand that Datalogics and Adobe continue to invest heavily in the Adobe eBook ecosystem. Last year Datalogics and Adobe extended the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK and Adobe Content Server offerings, providing additional platform support and requested functionality so that our customers could more rapidly develop solutions to sell eBooks on whatever platforms their clients wish to read them on.
We also invested in extending the platform support and capabilities of our DL Reader source code offerings so that developers can rapidly deploy heavily customized eReader apps. As a result of these enhancements, Datalogics now supports customers selling eBooks in 60+ countries, and provides the technology that is within over 200 eBook reading apps. The number of bookstores we support doubled in 2012 and it was a great year for Datalogics and our eBook technology customers.

2012 Recap

Capabilities we delivered in 2012 included:

  • Reader Mobile SDK support for Windows 8 desktops and tablets
  • Reader Mobile SDK support for the RIM Blackberry 10 platform
  • Adobe Content Server 4.2 with support for streaming Video and Audio
  • Ruby support for Japanese vertical text
  • Right to Left layout support for Hebrew and Arabic EPUB files was added to the Reader Mobile SDK and DL Reader source code packages
  • DL Reader source code package for Windows 7
  • DL Reader source code updates for iPhone 5
  • DL Reader and RMSDK enhancements to improve rendering performance on iOS
  • DL Reader source code updates to support Vendor ID
  • 200+ enhancements and bug fixes to the RMSDK core rendering technology
  • 100+ enhancements and bug fixes to the DL Reader source code packages

Our knowledgebase of technical articles continues to grow; you can find more detailed Release Notes for RMSDK, Adobe Content Server, Vendor ID and DL Reader there.

Plans for 2013

In addition to continuing to support our growing customer base, we also plan to deliver new features and platforms, including the following:
DL Reader Updates: Upcoming releases of our popular DL Reader source code package for iOS, Android and Win7 will have several look-and-feel updates including a new bookshelf view of the reader’s library.
DL Reader for Windows 8: A new source code package for Windows 8 desktops and tablets will be released this year.
Cloud Storage Component for Adobe Content Server: A new cloud storage option will enable readers to synchronize their documents between the various devices they read eBooks on.
Audio and Video Support: We will add support for audio and video content in EPUB files within the DL Reader source code packages.
Adobe Content Server EPUB Optimizer: A new utility will be delivered to our Adobe Content Server customers that will enable ACS operators to pre-process EPUB files to improve performance within Adobe RMSDK-based eReader apps.
We’ll share more details about each of these items in upcoming blog posts; stay tuned.

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