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atb1Datalogics, the premier source for PDF and eBook technologies for developers, recently announced the availability of Active Textbook, an eBook platform for the education market. Active Textbook provides a powerful platform that enables educators to bring interactive content into a student’s hands.

Want to know how to get started with Active Textbook? Let’s take a look at what Active Textbook includes:

  • A Server component for uploading EPUB and PDF source content, as well as other media formats. The server component supports managing content distribution per user or per group access, lending, customizable adherence to publisher restrictions and can, of course, be integrated into existing portals and learning management systems.
    Datalogics has created a demonstration server that allows you to upload and test content. Just connect to with your desktop browser and you can begin browsing the available public content immediately. If you would like to upload and work with your own content, Datalogics can create a login for you: Evaluate Active Textbook

  • Reader support: Active Textbook supports an in-browser viewer for all major browsers on laptops, desktops and Chromebooks, as well as branded native client readers for iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices

You can download the Datalogics Active Reader apps from the App Store or Google Play:
AppStoreIcon   iOS Active Reader            GooglePlayIcon   Android Active Reader

  • Authoring tools to enhance EPUB2, EPUB3 and PDF content with interactive videos, quizzes, and other multimedia. We will demonstrate how to create quizzes in an upcoming post.
  •  Active Textbook API to further customize and tailor functionality. Client applications can use the Active Textbook RESTful API to upload content, manage users and generate reporting data.

We are very excited to be working with our technology partner, Evident Point, the creator of the Active Textbook platform, in providing a leading edge end-to-end solution for your eBook educational needs. Interested in setting up your own Active Textbook server or just have a few questions? Just fill out our evaluation form.

About Evident Point 

Evident Point is a leading provider of professional digital publishing products and solutions worldwide. Evident Point’s flagship product, Active Textbook™, is aimed at converting digital textbook into interactive courses and delivering a new level of reading, learning and teaching experience to readers and teachers. 

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