iOS 64-bit, Android with RMSDK 11 and More!

android_iosI sometimes secretly wish things could stop for a minute just so we could say that we caught up.  Of course, that never happens, especially in the field of technology!  To help our customers keep up with the latest technology, I am excited to announce that we are rolling out DL Reader for iOS with iOS 64-bit support, and DL Reader for Android integrated with RMSDK 11!

Apple started requiring the iOS 64-bit support in any new apps on Feburary 1st,  and will require the same support in existing apps after June 1st. To prepare our customers for this deadline, our ebook team just finished porting DL Reader to support iOS 64-bit.  DL Reader is in the App Store for review, let’s hope that it won’t be too long before our version 3.2 is approved!  In the mean time, our customers can start incorporating the DL Reader source code or use it as a reference to port your own reader to 64-bit. For more information from Apple, check here.

We also completed the work to update DL Reader for Android to RMSDK 11.  DL Reader app for Android version 4.1 is now available in Google Play.  DL Reader for Android source is available for licensed customers.  We have worked hard and closely with Adobe throughout the project to iron out any integration issues so we hope that you will be able to update your application with RMSDK 11 as trouble-free as possible.

Speaking of RMSDK 11, I just want to point out that, first, RMSDK is now shipped as binary builds in RMSDK 11. This means that you do not need to build RMSDK 11 from the source anymore. For most customers, this should ease the effort of updating to future versions of RMSDK. Secondly, running apps with RMSDK 11 requires Adobe’s signing certificate distributed by Datalogics to our customers. More detailed information is sent with the RMSDK 11 and/or DL Reader source code.  Oh, did I mention that this cuts down the build time significantly now that RMSDK is pre-built?

While our engineering team is busy working on those implementations, our QA and support team are busy running tests on the product and the source builds.  We are also adding more content online to make it easily accessible to our developer customers, starting with the build instructions.

Our initial testing of DL Reader running on Android 5.0, Lollipop, devices has been good.  In order to accommodate a wide range of devices, DL Reader itself has been built for Android version 2.2 and up for a long while.   With Lollipop coming out, it is probably the right time to start phasing out the older platforms so our app can look and function better on newer devices.  We will be discontinuing support for older version 2 and 3 Android platforms.  But for now, you can continue supporting and reading on the older devices. Stay tuned for our future announcements.

Knowledgebase articles are great resources to help our customers find solutions, and help ourselves do the same.  To augment that, we started the initiative to make some of the RMSDK and DL Reader documentation available on  This site is aimed at helping RMSDK and reader developers find relevant and more up-to-date material.   We just got started but come take a look at   You can also find developer resources for other products from Datalogics here as well.

One last thing, since DL Reader for iOS and Android are both built with RMSDK 11, if you don’t have access to RMSDK 11 yet, let us know.  We will send an updated amendment for it.  Software can be delivered after the signed amendment is received by Datalogics.

Please visit our website for more info and reach out to us at if you have any questions.

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