Datalogics joins the Readium Foundation and Plans to Deliver EPUB3 Support

This week IDPF announced the Readium Foundation during the Paris Book Fair, and Datalogics is one of the founding members. This foundation is developing a commercial grade EPUB3 rendering engine that will be optimized for native apps; and Datalogics will be implementing this technology within the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK (RMSDK) framework so that our customers can deliver EPUB3 capable apps that work within the Adobe DRM ecosystem.

Why did we join the Readium Foundation? As Matt Kuznicki, Datalogics VP of Engineering, states: “With this technology, publishers will be able to deliver rich media capabilities that readers want with the confidence that those readers will get a consistent experience. Developers will be able to leverage this robust framework, with full support for EPUB3 capabilities, and focus on differentiating their apps to enhance their readers’ experience; and readers will experience the full capabilities of EPUB3 regardless of what platform they’re using.”

EPUB3 is good for publishers and book sellers, and most importantly its good for readers. Having a reference rendering engine for EPUB3 content available to all app developers will allows publishers to standardize their content regardless of which channels they distribute through.

Of the approximately 30 founding members of the Readium Foundation, at least half are current Datalogics customers. Our RMSDK licensees had expected these EPUB3 capabilities from Adobe, but will now be able to leverage the EPUB3 capabilities of Readium from within their Reader Mobile SDK based apps.

There is a great deal of work to be done:

  • The DRM capabilities of the current RMSDK will need to be exposed and documented so they can be applied to 3rd party rendering engines – this effort will begin before the Readium deliverables are available
  • Once available, the Readium SDK will need to be connected to RMSDK to support DRM protected content
  • Viewing components will need to delivered for the supported RMSDK platforms – this will be our first customer deliverable
  • The DL Reader UI code will need to updated to work with the Readium rendering capabilities –  the end result will be app source code for our licensees that supports EPUB2, EPUB3, PDF and Adobe DRM on the supported DL Reader platforms

We joined the Readium Foundation because our customers, and many developers who would like to use our technology, have asked for EPUB3 support. We wanted to deliver this capability based on a reference implementation that would have industry acceptance. We believe that the Readium SDK combined with the efforts described above will provide what our customers have been asking for.

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