Earlier this summer, at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) show, Datalogics launched  eBook distribution and reading solution, READynamic. ISTE was a great place for the launch as it is the premier education technology conference.

READynamic makes content accessible by offering the capabilities to read PDF and EPUB content in browsers and on offline devices. For students, READynamic offers an engaging, easy to use interface, allowing  them to download books, read on various devices, make notes, highlight, and take quizzes. For teachers, READynamic offers ease of use, the ability to administer quizzes, assign books and reading as homework, and much more . Because READynamic is a solution that works with all three, students, educators, and publishers, ISTE was a great experience for us. I was able to connect with people from all levels in the education field and demo READynamic from the different views of each user.

There was a lot of focus, at ISTE, on interactive content and quizzes. I saw some very energetic demos with phones (and probably a very powerful server running the animations) about teaching in a virtual world. There is a lot of buzz about enriched content that the READynamic solution can provide for educators; bringing not just books, but value-added, enriched books to students, using today’s technology. I’m always fascinated with the advancement of technology and am looking forward to working hard with the rest of the team here at Datalogics to unleash the full potential of READynamic. I truly believe this type of technology can be useful not just for the education market, but other industries as well – but more on that later!

To learn more about READynamic, take a look at our video series where you will see the Mobile App in action, as well as the Student Experience, Quizzes and Overlays, and the Publisher Experience.

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