LTI Certification Will Bring READynamic™ to Your LMS

Are you tired of wasting time and money evaluating learning tools only to find they don’t meet your compatibility needs? We feel your pain. To prove it, the Datalogics team has been stepping up our EdTech participation to bring our customers more value more quickly.

As 2017 closed, Datalogics became an Instructure partner – a software company preeminently known for their development of the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS). We also joined IMS Global (Instructional Management Systems Global) as an LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) Alliance member. In addition, Datalogics signature EdTech business and classroom solution, READynamic, is kicking off 2018 by acquiring our LTI certification. IMS Global’s LTI standard demands secure and seamless product integrations that can be rapidly and consistently deployed in Learning Management Systems including Canvas, Moodle, and many more. So, how do these partnerships and certification support READynamic customers? We’re glad you asked.

Instructure connects a network of hundreds of industry partners dedicated to education, innovation, and technology. IMS Global is a nonprofit organization that is driven to create innovative technology solutions and standards to support students, instructors, and institutions. Adding the collective knowledge and experience of these organizations to our EdTech arsenal is teaching us something new every day, and now, as organization members, we’re helping drive EdTech conversation while improving the impact of our products.

Once READynamic is LTI certified, customers will be able to launch READynamic content directly from their LMS thanks to LTI’s single sign-on and seamless integration standards. We’ll continue to support the creation of custom assessments within READynamic, and with LTI, customers will be able to connect these assessments directly to their LMS for student access, and automated delivery of scores to the LMS.

READynamic’s LTI certification improves transparency for our customers, and is ready for any educational market right out of the box – eliminating doubt and saving our customers time and money. Choose compatibility, speed, outcome consistency, and advocacy. Choose READynamic!

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