RMSDK10/ACS5 Release Webinar: Q&A

As promised from our RMSDK 10 and ACS 5 Release customer webinar last week, we are posting the answers for the many questions Datalogics received during the Q&A Session.
Before we start on the answers, I just want to say that this should be a very exciting year for Datalogics and our customers. Many of our customers have been eagerly waiting for EPUB 3 support, now on the horizon for this year. Datalogics has been working on adding sync capabilities in RMSDK and DL Reader. When released, it will be possible for end users to see their books appear on subsequent devices after the initial fulfillment if the content is purchased from customers that deploys and subscribes to the Datalogics cloud services. We can’t wait to get this year started!
Question: There is no way to configure ACS 5 to provide files that support Harden DRM and DRM compatible with RMSDK 9. Is this correct?
Answer: Yes, there is no configuration in ACS 5 to allow both DRM to work at the same time. Also ACS 5 does not deliver hardened DRM compatible with RMSDK 9 clients. However, ACS 5 is still capable of providing non-hardened DRM to existing RMSDK 9 applications. This is done by setting the “com.adobe.adept.fulfillment.security.DRMHarden” flag to “false” in the fulfillment configuration file.
Question: What happens if we don’t upgrade until July? Will fulfillment change somehow?
Answer: Based on customers feedback after the webinar, Adobe has reconsidered the deadlines. Adobe updated an FAQ with their policy that is available at http://www.adobe.com/products/content-server/faq.html. We will continuously provide updates to our customers. Since our customers and prospects have asked for a stronger DRM protection, we expect that some customers would want to utilize the new hardened DRM. These will generally be customers who control their end user environments, by using just ADE and RMSDK10 mobile applications. To help our customers get there, we will do everything we can to help our RMSDK customers to migrate to RMSDK 10 if our customers choose to do so.
Question: About Certification… You said that we don’t need to certificate the app if we *update* to RMSDK 10, right? What about new apps that uses the RMSDK 10. It will require the normal certification flow?
Answer: If you are developing a new application, the apps should still be sent to Datalogics for certification. We will make this a high priority to get the app tested and help you get it to market as quickly as possible.
We will be posting more information within the next few weeks but if you have a specific question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support representatives at rmsdk_support@datalogics.com or acs_support@datalogics.com.
Question: Will EPUB 3 support use Web views like Readium SDK does?
Concerning the web view, if so, how do you plan to handle Android fragmentation?

Answer: Datalogics and Adobe are currently evaluating the feasibility of the Readium SDK to provide EPUB 3.0 supports in Reader Mobile SDK and are evaluating the best approaches. Datalogics is aware that supporting SDKs that make use of Webkit across all versions of Android is a difficult task due to the number of changes that can be made by manufacturers or by the rapid development of the Android operating system.
Here is a good page that outlines the versions of web kit used in which version of Android (http://jimbergman.net/webkit-version-in-android-version/). It is important to remember though that while Google used these versions in the official builds of these Android versions, there is nothing preventing manufacturers from changing the version of Webkit that is used.
Question: Is there a possibility to override an EPUB 2 CSS file via API?
Answer: There are at least three layers of CSS styles: inline styles embedded in the HTML pages, external CSS style sheets included in an EPUB file, and RMSDK supplied resource stylesheet, userstyle.css. Ordinarily the inline styles take precedence. However, certain styles can be defined in userstyle.css. In general RMSDK currently does not offer a way to override internal EPUB CSS property definitions. Code changes have to be made to force styles in userstyle.css to overwrite those defined in an EPUB file or inline.
Question: Can you elaborate on PDF reflows?
Answer: The PDF reflow uses a complex algorithm to determine how to treat text on a PDF page as a block of continuous content to allow text to fit and flow on a page similar to an EPUB page. Because of the nature and complexity of PDF files, the algorithm can produce consistent results the majority of the time. Given the nature of the PDF structure, reflow is difficult to produce the intended result since there is no good mechanism to control the styles as in an EPUB file rendering. DL Reader supports PDF reflow on iOS and Android. This can be turned on and off from DL Reader settings menu.
Question: What are the types of error messages a user will receive for New ACS / Old Reader.
Answer: The error message that is delivered from the fulfillment server or Adobe signing server to RMSDK 9 client applications is “ADEPT_CORE_DECRYPT_LICENSE_KEY”. This translates to “Unable to decrypt the license key” in DL Reader.
Question: Is there an API to ask if there is a visible image on the current page?
Answer: There is no existing API to query current screen for visible images. For EPUB rendering, it is possible to traverse the DOM Tree to check whether an image is within a range of text displayed on current screen.
DL Reader implemented basic audio and video support last summer. In order to do this, we have provided APIs from RMSDK to return the audio and video references to the application layer for rendering. Similar modifications can be made to return images. You can read our blogs on audio and video implementation. (you can embed the links to audio and video blogs)
Question: If there is no need for repacking eBooks on ACS 5, will there be any DRM cost if a user downloads an old fulfillment link?
Answer: I assume “DRM cost” means the transaction fees usually charged for new book downloads. The answer to this is that there is no cost for re-downloads.
Question: Does RMSDK 10 support the CLANG compiler for the Android ARM architecture?
Answer: No, not at this time. We are planning on supporting this in the future.
Question: What versions of the binary ADEPT library are available, what if my configuration is not available?
Answer: We currently provide the ADEPT library for Android (ARM), iOS, Win32, Win/RT (ARM,Win32,x64) andMAC. Support for Linux (ARM) and Blackberry will be released soon. If you have platforms not supported in this list, please contact your support representative with specific requests.
Question: Is there any way to convert a PDF to EPUB2?
Answer: Datalogics does not work with any vendors on conversion software. A search for “convert PDF to EPUB” on the internet can provide lots of valuable information.

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